Army Welfare Trust Housing Society

Army Welfare Trust Housing Society

Army Welfare Trust also represented as AWT, is a business branch of the Pakistan Army. It mainly includes retired army officers. It is tangled in assorted business portfolios, together with Financial Sector, Agriculture Sector, Real Estate, and many more. Effective housing schemes have been in a row in Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad. The society has its head office in the AWT Plaza on The Mall Road, Rawalpindi.

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Development Status

AWT D-18 Islamabad has launched around 20 years ago with the idea of providing inexpensive housing to army officials and other employees of AWT in Islamabad. The housing structure comprises blocks A, B, C, D, E, F, G, and H. All blocks are wholly established and complete for construction. There is just a scarce house built in Society. Still, more construction is projected after the Sangjani Interchange is complete and undoes up direct access to Society.

The community is predictable for inauguration a few more blocks after the completion of the Interchange because the claim for properties is much higher than the number of plots available in the Society. The builders will make additional expansions to cater to the increasing demands.

Project Features

AWT Islamabad is a fully developed housing scheme. It has all utilities and facilities, including roads, streets, street lights, sewerage, water, electricity, and gas. 

A concrete boundary wall surrounds the Society, an additional AWT feature. It has planned parks, mosques, commercial areas, schools, hospitals, cinemas, etc. in the scheme. They will be available for the residents of AWT as soon as the Society is inhabited. It is expected to be fully populated in the next 4 to 5 years due to the increasing investment trend in Society.

Project Location

 AWT Islamabad lies around 15 KM from central Islamabad City. If you observe the location of AWT on google maps, you will be able to comprehend the location in a better way. AWT is present on the M-1 motorway. If we travel towards Peshawar, its A block lies to the right side of the highway, and the remaining blocks are located to the left side of the Motorway. AWT is a perfect site after the development of Islamabad and higher property prices in most of the CDA sectors. AWT is nearer to New Islamabad International Airport with a normal distance of around 10 minutes drive from the airport. Its neighboring societies are

  • Engineers Cooperative Housing Scheme
  • WAPDA Town
  • Ministry of Commerce Employees Cooperative Housing
  • Gulshan-e-Sehat
  • PECHS.
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AWT Plot Prices

Property prices of plots in AWT lie in a reasonable range. Prices are practical given the location, development status, background, developments in the neighborhood, and upcoming possibilities. Prices have been in process of rising in Society lately after the inauguration of the Sangjani Interchange project, and the rise was anticipated to continue during the year 2014.

The Society has ten marlas, one Kanal, two Kanal residential plots, and 2.5 Marla, four Marla, and eight Marla commercial plots. Typical prices of ten Marla plots across all blocks range from Eighteen lac to Thirty lac, One Kanal plot from Thirty lac to Fifty lac, and Two Kanal plots from Forty-Five lac to Sixty lac. Commercial plot prices of 2.5 marlas could vary according to blocks. Still, the average price is around Twenty to Twenty-Five lac, four marlas’ average price is approximately Fifty lac, and eight marlas’ average price is about one crore.

Salient Features

  • 130 feet Wide Boulevard.
  • 40- and 50-Feet Wide Streets.
  • Water from Sunday, Mar Dam.
  • Gas, Electricity, and 24/7 Security.
  • Three hundred feet wide Bridge connected society with Motorway.
  • One hundred fifty feet wide road connecting society with Motorway.
  • Exit/Entry from Motorway.
  • Schools, Clubs, Play Areas, Mosques, Horticulture plan.

Services and Amenities in AWT

AWT management is incessantly involved in developing housing schemes at balance. The motorway interchange was permitted, and development work is in progress. Motorway Interchange will open new paths for society, making the society more beautiful and treasured. Residents found all basic amenities along with modern supplies in this structure.


Three septic tanks exist in the housing scheme to fulfill the requirements of future houses.


52 Kanals land was allocated and allotted for two Grave Yards of the existing members of AWT.


Sangjani Interchange of the M-1 Motorway.


Electricity work is completed and ready for members to enjoy the facility according to international standards. Two hundred fifty transformers are efficiently working in the scheme.


Five mosque areas are reserved for a mosque in the scheme, and construction work of the first mosque is in process in Block -C close to the motorway interchange.


A secure environment is necessary for the safety of residents of the society. AWT started Boundary Wall Work in 2003. 32000 rft wall has been completed. The height of the wall is 6 feet. It will provide a secure and attractive image of society.


Street lights are installed and working in the scheme.


Sewerage work is 100% complete and ready for use by members.


One Community Centre area is reserved for Community Centre in the scheme.


Education is an essential part of our lives, so the Four schools’ area is reserved for schools in the scheme. School serves several purposes, from building confidence to teaching children the importance of teamwork and working with others. School helps guide youngsters through establishing a daily routine, which is of utmost importance as we direct them toward the workplace, and as they become productive members of society.


It turns out parks are a crucial part of any community. They have a significant impact on the development of children and the happiness of everyone in the neighborhood. Many of your childhood memories happened in parks. To some extent, we’re probably aware that the parks in the neighborhood where you grew up impacted who you are today. For this purpose, Five Park areas are reserved for parks in the scheme.


One hundred thirty feet wide boulevards and 40-50 feet wide streets are well connected to widened road networks with footpaths in the scheme. Furthermore, Sangjani to AWT Scheme widens roads are well connected with the scheme.

Also, interchange work on M-1 Motorway is in progress, which was completed by Jan 2014. It will be a milestone and boost the scheme, give an important effect, and enhance the different market values of the plots. It is also a better and more reachable approach for the members and saves time which is precious in the modern era. On Interchange completion, the members can enter and exit from the motorway in the scheme.


Eight overhead and 4 underground water Tanks exist in the scheme. The water line from SANDAYMAR DAM is also approved for the scheme. 4 x Tube Wells with excellent yield are working. AWT entered into a water supply contract with the Punjab Small DAMS authority to provide 2 70,000 gallons of water per day on 15 Feb 2002.

Renewal is due and likely to be through within a short time. Tube wells’ yield is about 65000 GPD. Well-planned commercial areas with ample parking are fully developed in the scheme with 40-5- ft wide parking with each Block.


Builders started Sui gas work in the scheme on Dec 2001 and SNGPL, after hectic efforts, provided the main line and distributer line facility to the entire scheme in 2004. AWT paid Rs 54 million approximately to SNGPL for the completion of work. Now signs work is 100% complete. Members can avail of the facility of sui gas for their residential properties.


A secure environment is necessary for the safety of residents of the society. AWT started Boundary Wall Work in 2003. 32000 rft wall has been completed. The height of the wall is 6 feet. It will provide a secure and attractive image of society.

Investment Potential

AWT is an ideal investment opportunity in Islamabad due to 3 significant developments.

1- New Islamabad Airport

2- Sangjani Interchange on Motorway

3- Margalla Avenue

New Islamabad Airport

New Islamabad Airport is more than 90% complete and is close to the AWT Housing Society. Society is neither very adjacent to it nor too distant. It lies at just about a 10-minute drive from AWT. This scheme gives AWT an advantage in that it turns out to be an ideal residence for the people in business, airlines and civil aviation staff, and travelers coming into the city. The most noteworthy international airport in a close neighborhood makes it a decent investment opportunity.

Sangjani Interchange on Motorway

Sangjani Interchange is the sustenance of AWT. This will provide a straight entree to Society through the Motorway. The construction work is ongoing, and the project is anticipated to be complete by March or April 2014. This project is more important for AWT than any other housing scheme because the Society doesn’t have direct access, which is a substantial undesirable aspect. As soon as instant access is open, people will be more relaxed building houses and shifting their businesses in Society.

Margalla Avenue

It is like another Kashmir highway opening from D12 and likely to touch Sangjani Interchange on the Motorway. It will offer easy admittance to the Islamabad center from B-17, D-17, and D-18. This project is still ongoing and was likely to be finished by the end of 2014. The distance of AWT from F-10 through Margalla Avenue will be around 20 minutes drive only. This adds value to Society and hence expands investment inclinations.


 Having a safe and dependable background in Army gives extra weight to the recommendation. Assume you are looking for a safe and secure place at a low price for your imminent residence or investment in Islamabad. In that case, you must consider AWT D-18 Islamabad as an outstanding option.

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