Garden Green Housing Society Islamabad

Garden Green Housing Society Islamabad

It is important for you to know about the advanced housing society of Green Garden If you want to buy property in Islamabad. Owing to its breathtaking geography, secure terrain, and ultramodern life, Islamabad has always been named one of the stylish places to invest in Pakistan. The capital megacity located at the foothills of majestic Margalla Hills is home to several luxurious housing systems in colorful phases of development. Airport Green Garden, Islamabad, is one similar design. Located close to the new Islamabad International Airport, this topography-friendly Housing society has drawn the attention of real estate investors and regular home buyers for its top-notch amenities and affordable property prices.

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Location of Garden Green Housing Society

Garden Green Housing society is located at a close distance from the new Islamabad International Airport. The position of Airport Green Garden, Islamabad, is one of its most desirable features.  It is located a short distance from the New Islamabad International Airport. One can easily enter it from Kashmir Highway and Lahore- Islamabad Motorway(M2). The society of Top City 1 is positioned right next to Airport Green Garden. In discrepancy, Mumtaz City and University Town are also in the vicinity. The Rawalpindi Islamabad Motorway Interchange is located at a distance of 5 kilometers from this community. In discrepancy, the famed design of Eighteen Islamabad is just 6 kilometers down from Airport Green Garden.  The high position of Airport Green Garden near the field in the vicinity of the Lahore- Islamabad Motorway makes it one of the best-placed housing societies in the Twin metropolises.

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Garden Green Developers 

Airport Green auditoriums housing society is being developed by Aryan Land Linkers & Contractors (Pvt.) Ltd. (LLC) is an Islamabad- grounded construction company. Aryan Land Linkers & Contractors Pvt. Ltd is registered with PEC CA-268 as a “no limits” Company. They deal in Civil Electrical & Mechanical work i.e., High Rise Buildings, Small Dams, Infrastructure development, Roads, Bridge, Highways & Societies, etc. They’re a platoon of professionals who focuses on guests’ requirements and, as a result, have developed numerous mega systems in the binary cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

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Locations Close to Garden Green Society

Nearby intersections and places enhance the value of the property. Garden Green Housing society is vital since it’s encircled by other housing communities, business requirements, and educational institutions, including top-ranked seminaries, sodalities, and universities. Hospitals and Laboratories cover the area, furnishing fittings 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Also, several literal places are in the vicinity of the society, similar as the Pakistan Monument, Pharwala, Pakistan Museum of National History, Rawat Fort, and Shah Allah Ditta caves.

Educational Institutions

The inhabitants prefer that there should be educational institutes near the housing society. It saves the traveling time and energy charges of the residence. Numerous schools, colleges, and universities are top-ranked and notorious.


 Following are the seminaries available in the vicinity of the housing society

 • The City School Nursery is 15 minutes down.

 • The Smart School is 18 minutes down.

 • Sehberg School System is 20 minutes down.

 • Roots Millennium Schools is 20 minutes down.

 • The Knowledge School Millennium Campus is 25 minutes down.

 • Government Girls High School is seven minutes down.


 Following are the top-ranked sodalities available in the vicinity of the housing design

 •F. G Degree College for Women is 30 minutes down.

 • Anam Daegree College is many minutes down.

 • Modern College of Commerce is many minutes down.

 • Federal College of Education is 29 minutes down.


 Following are the thriving- known Universities that are accessible near the housing community

• Millennium University College is 25 minutes down.

 • FAST University is 26 minutes down.

 • Preston University is 30 minutes down.

 • Women’s Institute of Science and Humanities is 30 minutes down.

 • Bahria University is 30 minutes down.


 Hospitals are essential for any society. Numerous top-ranked hospitals in the vicinity of the housing society give the services24/7. Following are the available hospitals

 • Capital International Hospital is 25 minutes down.

 • Maryam Memorial Hospital is 30 minutes down.

 • Shifa Medical center is 29 minutes down.

 • Maroof International Hospital is 30 minutes down.

 Housing Society

 Many housing societies share neighbor with Garden Green. Following are the housing societies that are available near the housing society

 • Top City- 1 is seven minutes down.

 • Mumtaz City is nine minutes down.

 • Elite Housing society is 15 minutes down.

 • Employee Cooperative Housing Society is 19 minutes down.

 • Kohsar View Housing society is 29 minutes down.

 Cafes and Restaurants

 Following are the cafes and restaurants that are available near the society:

 • Monal Downtown Rawalpindi.

 • Second Cup.

 • Retro Cafe.

 • Orient Cafe.

 Shopping Promenades

 Following are the shopping promenades that are available near the society

 • The Magnus is six minutes down.

 • Penta Vista is 18 minutes down.

 • Aspire One (shopping boardwalk) is three minutes down.

 • Down Town Mall is five minutes down.


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 The project promises a sustainable and landscape-friendly life.

They are some of the most noteworthy features of Airport Green Garden, Islamabad.

 • Gated community

 • Ideal position

 • Devoted marketable areas

 • Sustainable structure

 • Encircled by natural beauty

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 • Peaceful land

 • Lavish yet healthy life

 • Round-the-timepiece security

 • Affordable investment options

 • Access to public transportation

 • Metro machine service

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• A vast network of roads

 • CCTV cameras and command buses

 • Green belts and open spaces

• Mosques

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Facilities in Garden Green Housing Society

 Airport Green Garden offers all the rearmost installations and amenities to its buyers.

 Let’s look at the amenities and installations in Airport Green Garden, Islamabad, which make it an ideal place to live in the capital megacity.

 • Sustained electric force

 • Constant gas force

 • Proper water and drainage installations

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 • Underground string wiring

 • Broadband internet services

 •Multi-purpose Community Center

 • Mega shopping boardwalk

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 • State-of-the-art sanitarium

 • Ultramodern educational institutes

• Automated energy and service station

 • Stunning Location

 • Mini golf club

• Tennis court

 • 3D/ iMax cinema

 • Theme demesne

 • Graveyard

 • Field and geography conservation installations

 • Rearmost fire fighting system

 • Electric and plumbing conservation installations

 • Emergency Quick Response Unit (EQRU)

• 24/7 emergency help center

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Airport Green Garden Development

 Lately, prior Planning authorization (Revised and Extension) was granted to AGG by RDA. RDA also approved Airport Green Garden Town Planning. The LOP (Layout Plan) has been approved by RDA(Rawalpindi Development Authority). As a result, RDA has uploaded Airport Green Garden’s name to their Approved Housing Society list or list of legal housing societies.

 Green Square Villas

An original builder offers estates (constructed houses) in Airport Green Garden. Then are the details of Green Square Villas Airport Green Garden for trade. During the last 8 Months, Investments in Housing and marketable plots by implicit buyers and investors have increased by roughly 60.  This is because houses and spaces construction work in TOP CITY- 1 is in full swing. Therefore, the allottee’s dream has come true, and prices in TOP CITY- 1 have increased. Buying a plot in Airport Green Garden is relatively easy.

How to Buy a Plot in a Garden Green Housing Society?

 1. Visit the sanctioned website of Airport Green Garden and click on the green ‘Booking Form’ button to complete the form online. You can also gain the paper free of cost from their booking office.

 2. Make a Draft/ Pay Order in the name of Airport Green Garden Pvt. Ltd. Or deposit your enrolment figure directly into either of the following account.

 Bank Alfalah IBANNo.PK39ALFH0234001005316578

 Faysal Bank IBAN No. PK86FAYS3152301900228444

3. Dispatch scrutinizes clones of your valid Computerized National Identity Card and payment receipt. However, attach photocopies of these documents and your correctly filled enrolment form, if submitting manually.

 As per the sanctioned website, the plot allocation letter is issued within two days. The allotment or transfer letter is generally available after a week.

Developments in the Society

The operation of Airport Garden Housing Society Islamabad has decided to make the development norms high and has planned entire systems of Villas and state-of-the-art commercial structures. They claim to continue to be stylish in Pakistan Housing Developments and reach the high points of the housing assiduity for outstanding construction mileposts and superior development norms.


Reliable sources informed us that the demand notice issued from WAPDA had been deposited. As a result, an interim connection has been set out by WAPDA for Main Street Lights and tube wells. Likewise, dependable sources claim that the underground electrification workshop has been done in the utmost the area of AGG.

 Sui Gas

 Authentic sources said Airport Green Garden had deposited the demand notice issued by SNGPL.

 Civil workshop

Earth digging started last month and laying down sui gas channels. Likewise, society will start civil workshops soon as sewerage lines are done.

 Road Networks

The wide carpeted road has been designed, and the minimal road size is 40 bases wide, whereas the main roads are 150 bases wide. It was owing to the prevailing high megahit of covid- 19 in the country, the govt. Pakistan had banned construction, so the Public noticed many months of detainment, but development workshops have started in full swing. The dependable sources informed us that the society would hand over the Possession of plots to the allottees within two times. Some marketable property allottees are willing to start construction work over their parcels soon.

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