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B-17 Block-C Islamabad Map

Block C is one of the most developed and remarkable sections of Multi Gardens, which offers residents various plot sizes. The construction and numerous other tasks have been completed, and you can easily purchase your desired property. It benefits from the best location, and all the block’s components are attractively designed. A sizable portion of the site is dedicated to greenery to maintain a peaceful and healthy environment. Sector B-17 Block C features a central mosque, a school, a college, a five-star hotel, and a lake. It is the ideal location to provide you with a dream lifestyle while being surrounded by recreational and basic amenities. Plots can be reserved with flexible payment and installment plans. Commercial and residential properties are both available in this location. Block C and C-1 also comes in the jurisdiction of Capital Development Authority.

Accessibility Points

The B-17 Islamabad can be reached using the following routes:

  • It is a 7-minute drive from N-125.
  • It is a 10-minute drive from M-1 Motorway.
  • It is a 20-minute drive from Srinagar Highway.
  • It is a 20-minute drive from Fatehjhang Tarnol Interchange.
  • It is a 25-minute drive from Islamabad International Airport.
  • It is a 20-minute drive from Brahma Jhang Bahtar Interchange.

Facilities & Amenities

The society offers a wide range of modern amenities and facilities, ensuring a comfortable and convenient lifestyle for its residents. These amenities and facilities include:

  • Well-paved roads throughout all sectors
  • Operational main entry gate facilitating two-way traffic
  • Establishment of a second entry gate, “Mian Akhtar Avenue,” located between Block B
  • Completion of landscaping at the main gates and the boulevard
  • Development work completed in all blocks except for a non-possession-able area of 40% in Block E
  • Provision of utilities on demand in all blocks
  • Ongoing horticulture work
  • Two functioning tube wells, with additional ones in progress
  • Development of a Community Club in Block B
  • Availability of multiple supermarkets in various blocks for the convenience of residents.

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