Lahore Smart City Map

Lahore Smart City (LSC) is an LDA-approved housing association situated at Lahore Bypass and jointly developed by FDH together with HRL. The LSC brings a new way of life to the sector, with the most modern amenities and facilities. The architectural level and the awe-inspiring beauty of a luxury lifestyle, the latest construction technology and planning, cutting-edge engineering, and practical designs make it a great investment option in Lahore.

A seamless network includes twenty miles of trail for recreation through eco-spine and rivers. 600 Kanal Central Park is integrated into the grand mosque and the financial square to create a popular tourist spot. 20m 2 open space/person with different communities, sports, culture, and garden amenities. There is an HRL, as well as the FDHL, that has created Lahore Smart City as an ideal investment opportunity.

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