F-6 Islamabad Map

Located right at the foot of the majestic Margalla Hills, Sector F-6 is known as one of the most prestigious parts of the capital city. Margalla Road bounds the sector to the north and Nazim-Ud-Din Road to the south. Like every CDA sector, F-6 has four sub-sectors, served by a centralized commercial market, best known as “Markaz”. Each sub-sector also has small commercial areas, but mainly the Markaz relies on the most.
Close to nature with a massive number of trees around, sector F-6’s climate is delightful throughout the year. Families who live here truly enjoy the essence of life with the best kind of facilities and amenities provided. All the amenities are available here, ranging from commercial markets – offering everything that the mind can imagine and money can buy, to health care centres. Schools and colleges provide the best quality education in the region. Restaurants offer a fine dining experience, diagnostic centres equipped with modern technology equipment, premium services, gaming zones, sports grounds, family parks, and fitness centres to keep you in good shape.
Adjacent to the city’s commercial hub – Blue Area, F-6/1 is the southwestern portion of the sector bordered by a school road to the north which leads to the commercial area, Super Market, separating F-6/2 from this area. F-6/1 is home to several guest houses, including Islamabad Residency Guest House, Capri Residency, Royal Continental Guest House, Grace Guest House Islamabad, and The Grand Mansion. Other significant landmarks in this area are; Rifah International University F-6 Campus – located on the street 39 within walking distance from F-6 Markaz, Islamabad National Press Club, Football Ground, which lies right behind the Headquarters of OGDCL, Islamabad Model School for Girls and Children’s Park. Farooq Market is a g0-to place for the residents of this area, with its famous Asli Bangali Samosa.
Along the Nazim-ud-Road and parallel to F-6/1 lies another sub-sector, F-6/4, separated by Garden Road. With easy access to Blue Area and other important places around, this area is a choice for people with refined taste. Bounded by Ataturk Road and Agha Khan Road, this is the smallest subsector with a small market and some organization.
F-6/2 and F-6/3 are the northern parts of Sector F-6 and are located alongside Margalla Road. Some say that these two sub-sectors are best for living close to nature. These sectors are full of parks and activity areas. Embassies of various countries – Hungary, Belarus, Sweden, and Argentina, are located on F-6/3. The site is also home to other international organizations. The Embassy of Greece, Denmark and Saudi Culture Office is based in F-6/2. Across Margalla Road, Shalimar Cricket Ground, Marghazar Cricket Ground, Japanese Children Park, Islamabad, Saidpur Park and the famous Saidpur Village are located. Overall, sector F-6 is a dream location which interests not only people in Pakistan but also excellent attractions for foreigners.

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