Cabinet Division Employees Cooperative Housing Society CDECHS E-16, E-17 Islamabad Map

The members of the Cabinet Division, the Government of Pakistan, came together years ago and established their own company to provide affordable and decent housing for its members. They were then registered with the federal government under the Cabinet Division Employees Cooperative Housing Society Regd. (CDECHS).


The CDECHS housing project encompasses two phases: sector E-16/2-3 and E-17/2-3. Residents of this community can easily access it through the western side of Islamabad-Peshawar G.T. Road.

Accessibility Points

  • The housing society can be reached via the western side of Islamabad-Peshawar G.T. Road, ensuring convenient accessibility.
  • Moreover, the distance between the housing society and Zero Point, Islamabad, is a mere 20 minutes by ride
  • A quick 4-minute drive from the Islamabad-Peshawar Motorway.

Masterplan Map

The Government of Pakistan’s Cabinet Division took the initiative to establish an affordable and well-designed housing scheme for its members. This endeavor was officially registered as the Cabinet Division Employees Cooperative Housing Society (CDECHS) with the government of Pakistan. Spanning across a vast area of 4500 Kanals, the CDECHS has now emerged as a prominent housing society in Islamabad.

Initially, the housing plots were exclusively offered to employees of the Cabinet Division. However, later on, the society decided to open the opportunity to employees from various ministries and divisions within the Islamabad Territory. In a recent development, the society has also allocated twenty percent of the available plots for private citizens. This decision aims to expand the accessibility of the housing society and allow a broader range of individuals to own plots within the community.

Facilities & Amenities

The Cabinet Division Employees Cooperative Housing Society is committed to providing a range of essential facilities for its residents. These facilities are designed to cater to the educational, recreational, health, and religious needs of the community, ensuring a well-rounded and convenient living experience. These include:

  • Primary and secondary school
  • Parks
  • Health Care Centers
  • Community Centre
  • Mosque
  • Commercial Areas
  • Playgrounds
  • Sports Club
  • Graveyard


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