Sports District

Sports District is an international standard sports zone with multi-purpose facilities. It provides a blend of residence, leisure, sports and entertainment platforms while establishing a unique community. It is designed keeping in consideration major sports venues with iconic stadiums. It also features international standard sports academy and sports-themed retail pavilion. This area consists of different residential opportunities ranging from apartments to villas intermingling with flowing streams and nature. Sports District is a wide range area to complement the needs of residents of CSC with a wide range of Sports facilities. It includes a Cricket stadium, tennis court, amusement park, swimming pools, and other facilities. Sports District of Capital Smart City is a dedicated sports area featuring amenities from other countries designed by international experts. The district will be a combination of sports and entertainment. All sporting facilities imaginable may be found in the sports District. It will expose residents of the capital’s smart city to wonderful and enjoyable experiences.


  • Sports Academy
  • Sports Retail
  • Cricket Stadium
  • Green Area
  • Olympics Arena
  • Indoor Arena
  • Amusement Park
  • F and B Pavilions
  • Swimming Pools
  • Apartments 
  • Tennis Court 
  • Motor cross Track
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