Lake View Terrace District

Lake View Terrace is the most celebrated area of Capital Smart City. It offers picturesque views as it exists at the waterfront. It is an exotic place, situated with serene and calm walks, lovely boat rides, refreshing lake-side cafes, beautiful views and amazing vistas. Its location makes it easily accessible for the residents and the visitors to experience the environment. To bring you soothing sensations, you can also enjoy dawn and dusk at the residence in this area. Lake View Terrace is one of the most awaited areas of Capital Smart City. With its scenic views and waterfront, it is going to mesmerize the residents. Lake View Terrace has a serene and peaceful walking area, lovely boat rides, and interesting cafes with incredible vistas. It is easily accessible to the residents of the Society. Residents of this District can enjoy the life-changing experience of watching dawn and dusk.

Lake View Terrace of Capital Smart City is one of the major attractions of the housing scheme. The district is a great residential development on the lakeside that offers a serene, beautiful view. Additionally, residents of Lake View Terrace will benefit from a tranquil and lively atmosphere. It also provides lakeside cafés and will be among the greatest spots to take in nature vistas.

  • Garden
  • Villas
  • Apartment Villas
  • Spa
  • Floating Restaurant
  • Yacht Club
  • Gandhara Art Museum
  • Terrace Apartments 
  • Community Club
  • Central Park
  • Lake View Villas
  • Beach Front Cafes
  • Lagoon
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