Crystal Lake District 

Crystal Lake is going to add extraordinary style to the Capital Smart City. This modern District will be a fusion of Fashion, Food, Arts, unique Architecture, stylish Interiors, and Luxury. Its amusements and experiences will be the City’s leisure destination. The Residents of Crystal Lake District will be surrounded by dancing Fountains, Lake Walks, Featured Cafes, High-end retail, and Hotels. The IT, Silicon Valley, and Media Hub in Crystal Lake will bring advancement to the region. Silicon Valley Pakistan will accommodate more than 100,000 IT skilled workers.

Crystal Lake is a part of the city where innovation meets excellence. It is the modern-day bazaar where fashion, fine food and art converge in an exhilarating fusion of virtuous architecture, dazzling interiors, inspired food and deep luxury. It inspires to be the leisure destination where amusements and experiences take place. Crystal Lake residents are surrounded by dancing fountains, lake walks, featured cafes, high-end retail, and hotels. The I.T and Media Hub in Crystal Lake is going to play a major role in the progress of the entire region.

Crystal Lake Block is another dynamic creation that enhances the beauty of CSCI. The district has unique features and ultra-amenities to provide a luxurious lifestyle with all the amenities one could desire. The district master plan includes excellent architecture, luxurious interiors, a dancing fountain, and a lake.

  • Jamia Mosque 
  • Sales Gallery
  • Lake Side Walk
  • Offices
  • Mosques
  • Apartments 
  • Command and Control Center
  • High-end Hotels
  • Waterfront Shopping and Retail
  • Light and Musical Dancing Fountain
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