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Aviation District 

Aviation District is a multi-disciplinary area that is strategically designed to be the center of various programs. This zone caters to logistics and hospitality for the aviation industry as it is situated near the new Islamabad International Airport, which houses 16 million passengers every year. Aviation District comprises an aviation academy, an iconic expo centre, an aeronautical gallery and a museum. It is a perfect destination for a shopping spree with the new idea of an outlet mall. Aviation District is specially designed to be at the center of multidisciplinary projects. Located Near New Islamabad Airport, this District is a zone that caters to logistics for the Aviation Industry. It is further composed of Aviation Academy, Iconic Expo Center, Museum, Aeronautical Gallery, and Technology Park. It is designed as the Perfect spot for a Shopping spree and modern malls.

It further includes 

Aviation District

  • Expo Centre
  • Aviation Academy
  • Flight Kitchen
  • Airline Services
  • Outlet Mall
  • Mosque
  • Business District
  • Hotel
  • Technology Park
  • Aeroplane Restaurant
  • Research and Development
  • Recreational Park
  • Green Areas

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